SOMALIA: NUSOJ and Finnish VIKES Conduct three Day workshop for Somali Journalists in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (RBC) The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ)  and the Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (VIKES) conducted  a two-phase, three day workshop for 80 journalists invited from the whole media stations in  Mogadishu at Siyaad City Hotel on 23 – 25 August, 2014. The workshop, which is part of series of workshops planned to  develop the Somali media industry is Supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The workshop – Principles of Journalism, Freedom of Expression and Ethics – which  was officially opened by the deputy Minister of Information, Abdullahi Olad Roble, convened 50 journalists for the first day, who had previously received training through this project as a follow-up program by learning from them how the training has helped them shape their reporting on their daily cycle.

The follow-up program of day one, the participants demonstrated and presented reports and documentaries which they said have been inspired by the training they have received early May and thus presented to the participants how they have been able to do it.  Among those presented include an fascinating Investigative piece on discrimination faced by minorities among the Somalis by two female journalists Ms. Sacdiya Mohamed Hassan and Leylo Aded Osman after they had received an Investigative training provided by Finnish VIKES and NUSOJ.

The second and third day, the training brought together over 30 journalists from thirty diverse media institutions including Radio, Television, Print and Online journalists focusing on the Principles of Journalism, Freedom of Expression and Ethics.

Facilitated by Somali and Finnish-Somali trainers, the workshop covered basic journalism skills, Investigative, Ethical reporting, objective editorial, journalist’s role, journalistic story telling, Practical Interview Techniques, ethical decisions and legal issues, Freedom of Expression, Media Laws and legal challenges to mention a few with interactive and highly participatory sessions.


The Secretary General of the National Union of Somali Journalists, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim speaking at the closing ceremony on Monday afternoon praised the journalists’ positive feedback by putting into action what they have been provided to them through the development workshops and thanked the Finnish VIKES and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland for their support to the Somali Media industry.

“We encouraged by the positive feedback of the trainees through individual presentation from those received our trainings in May.” Mohamed Ibrahim, NUSOJ Secretary General said, “I am glad to announce that the Finnish government’s support has been very successful.”

“So, we have trained 80 journalists and now we see positive development from our trainees without the Finnish support, would have been impossible.” Mr. Ibrahim added noting that they will continue supporting the Somali journalists.

A Finnish-Somali journalist, Abdi Musa said on his closing remarks that he was delighted to provide the training to the Somali journalists after spending nine years in Finland and urged the journalists’ to put what they have learned into practice once they return to their respective media stations and he also vowed they will pay individual media visits for follow up to ensure that the materials has been practically put into action.


VIKES program Coordinator, Wali Hashi, speaking on the closing at the three day workshop by announcing that the these trainings are not only limited to the journalists, but will extend to the government ministers, judiciary and government forces including the police in the near future.

“The trainings has been successful and positive and will continue our support to the Somali journalists.” Wali Hashi, VIKES program coordinator said, “I am happy to announce that we will train the government officials including ministerial level, judiciary, police and the civil servants.”

The Minister of Information, H.E. Mustaf Duhulow who officially closed the training and presented the certificates to the trainees, thanked to the Finish Foundation for Media and Development VIKES and National Union of Somali Journalists for conducting these valuable trainings which he said “is a real asset to the country’s future recovery.

“I first thank Abdi Muse and Wali Hashi from VIKES who traveled thousands of miles away to support the Somali Journalists and NUSOJ and commended their role in the development of the Somali media.” Mustaf Duhulow, Minister of Information said in his closing remarks, “Such trainings are vital for the recovery of the country and urged VIKES and NUSOJ to double their efforts.”

Minister Duhulow also thanked the Finnish government for their effective support to the Somali media community and urged to accelerate  their support which is direly needed. Finally, he urged the journalists to put what they have learned into actions and handed certificates to the participants.